Welcome To The WI ME/CFS Association 24-Hour CFS Discussion Forum

The purpose of this forum is to give people a 24-hour outlet for expressing their feelings, concerns and frustrations with CFS.

Just a few simple ground rules: 

  • Please do not post messages on the forum that advocate or recommend specific treatments or health providers. Due to legal ramifications, messages of this type that are posted will be deleted. 

  • Please use a respectful tone in all responses. Personal attacks or rage-filled responses will be deleted. 

  • It is ok to relate your own spiritual beliefs or practices in forum messages but the charter of the Wisconsin ME/CFS Association does not allow specific religious tracts or beliefs to be suggested for others to follow. Please adhere to this ground rule as some people could find certain religious suggestions to be highly offensive. 

  • Please do not try to sell products or treatments to anyone on the forum. It is acceptable to express your feelings about a product or treatment that you have tried. You must, however, not have a connection with any person or company who sells that product or treatment. 

  • Please do not post copyrighted material unless permission from author is given. Remember that all information on the internet is considered copyrighted even if it does not display a copyright symbol.

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