Essential for getting out the heavy metals left lodged in your tissues and organs. Without special detoxification therapy, the half-life of mercury in the brain, for example, is 30 years!   Options (which, depending on the case, may be combined):

FIELD CONTROL THERAPY (FCT) –   A highly effective combination of the most advanced forms of homeopathy and bio-resonance. Precisely detects and resolves many blocks to treatment, and removes even intracellular toxins (uniquely). Practised by Dr Yurkovsky in New York, though the College of Naturopathic Medicine ( ) plans to bring it to Europe as well. See .

 CHELATION with NDF or NDF+ –   A tincture made from chlorella, cilantro and probiotics, nanonised for easy absorption and greater efficiency, NDF is a new formula specifically for fast, painless heavy metal removal. It is probably the best, easiest and cheapest first option, besides Field Control Therapy, as long as you don't have or develop an allergic reaction (have yourself regularly checked via kinesiology). See . ( is the US site, which also does international online referrals. The UK distributor is ).

CHELATION with DMSA (Kelmer), DMPS, LIPOIC ACID, EDTA, PCA, etc. –   DMPS and DMSA are probably best broken into smaller doses, with lipoic acid used as an adjunct, as in Dr Cutler’s protocol - see . EDTA is not used for mercury but for other heavy metals and pesticides. PCA is another alternative. To locate chelation doctors/naturopaths internationally, a good starting place is the ‘Doctor Search’ at . Have yourself regularly checked via kinesiology in case of developing allergic reactions.

I.V. VITAMIN C (sometimes including minerals and/or glutathione) –   Often used as an adjunct to other chelation therapies. Some dental practices refer you to local practitioners using I.V. therapies before, during or after amalgam removals, as recommended by the IAOMT.

 CHINESE MEDICINE (Herbs, Acupuncture, Tui Na Acupressure) –   A very helpful general health system which has survived over 5000 years, with continual refinement, due to its success. For some it is excellent for detoxification, while for others not enough on its own. The same applies to CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY, and other therapies and supplements not mentioned here which, for heavy metal removal, may be very supportive additions, but will tend to be slower and less efficient if used on their own – though if you’ve had positive response from something else, please let us know. Many herbal and nutritional supplements are unhelpful in the case of metal toxicity, unless mild.

Results of dental amalgam removal and mercury detoxification using DMPS and neural therapy.

Kidd RF.
Altern Ther Health Med. 2000 Jul;6(4):49-55

Sixty consecutive patients who had undergone replacement of dental amalgam fillings and a protocol of nutritional support and heavy metal detoxification using dimercapto-propanyl-sulfate and neural therapy were surveyed. A questionnaire was mailed to the patients and 42 responded, resulting in a response rate of 70%. The reasons for undergoing treatment were many, ranging from a patient's desire to avoid potential health problems in the future to treatment of serious current disease. Although medical diagnoses were made when possible before treatment, this survey studied only the patients' estimations of their most distressing symptoms and their evaluations of response to treatment. The most common complaints were problems with memory and/or concentration; muscle and/or joint pain; anxiety and insomnia; stomach, bowel, and bladder complaints; depression; food or chemical sensitivities; numbness or tingling; and eye symptoms, in descending order of frequency. The most distressing symptoms were headache and backache, fatigue, and memory and concentration problems. Headache and backache responded best to treatment, but all symptoms showed considerable improvement on average. Of the respondents, 78% reported that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the results of treatment, and 9.5% reported that they were disappointed.

PMID: 10895513 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Mercury and Lead Detoxification:

Removal of toxic metals may be one of the most important keys to restoring proper immune function. Amazingly, allergies were never reported before the Industrial Revolution (Mynind N., History of Allergy. In: Essential Allergy – An Illustrated Text for Students and Specialists. Boston: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1986:1-9). The theory is that massive coal burning polluted the environment with mercury and other toxins, which confuse and weaken the immune system, inducing allergies.

According to the World Health Organization, our largest exposure to mercury today is from our dental amalgam fillings, which contain 50% mercury. Please do not allow any dentist to place additional mercury-amalgam fillings in your teeth (see or call The Foundation for Toxic-Free Dentistry @ 1-800-331-2303).

Consider testing yourself for levels of toxic metals. Blood tests are virtually useless for chronic toxicity. Hair analysis can give some useful clues. The gold standard is to measure urine levels of toxic metals after a chelation challenge, which pulls toxic metals out of your body and into your urine, thus giving a good estimate of your total body burden (Annals Int Med 1999;130:7-13).



Chelation involves a supplement or IV of a substance which binds to heavy metals in your system and carries them out into the urine.

*² Most people with heavy metal toxicity are very prone to allergic reactions, which then counter-balance any therapeutic effects.                             

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