“Excessive salivation is a notable feature of poisoning by mercury and is alone sufficient to suggest this diagnosis when circumstances of the illness are unknown or obscure.”

“CFS patients have been found to commonly have abnormal enzymatic processes that affect the sodium-potassium ATPase energy channels, which appears to be a major factor in the condition and for which mercury is a known cause.”

“Mercury (especially mercury vapour) rapidly crosses the blood/brain barrier and is stored  preferentially in the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and occipital cortex. Thus mercury has a greater effect on the functions of these areas.”



1. At least two unique urine components in CFS patients, incl. the CFS Urinary Marker 1 (Newcastle, Australia, 1997).

2. A “signature” EEG brain pattern unique to CFS patients (discovered in North Carolina in 1998).

3. Higher levels of a certain binding protein in blood cells of most CFS patients (Belgium/France, 2000).


 Useful for your personal and legal record (helps you assess levels, and also enables you to contribute your case to any future litigation suits).  Note that false negatives are the most common pitfall (e.g. even the best lab test – DMPS or DMSA - may not show mercury levels in the brain). Options:

 BLOOD or URINE tests – Not useful. Don't reflect long-term exposure, only recent acute contact. Hence you usually get false negatives.

PORPHYRIN, IMMUNOLOGICAL or STOOL (if post-chelation) tests – Provide clues, but are still inadequate. Not for systemic levels.

POST-CHELATION URINE tests (DMPS, DMSA/Kelmer or NDF) – The best option. The international gold standard used in clinical research. They give a better indication of long-term levels than any other lab test, depending also on excretion ability  (via the body’s main route, the kidneys). Available internationally (testing many different metals) through labs such as , & if you can find a doctor/naturopath to obtain the chelation* agent for you (DMPS, DMSA or NDF). Also available in the UK (but for 1-5 metals only) through who send the Kelmer and test kit to your home, then the results to your GP. [Note: Please contact me with your results, as I’m also trying to collect statistics of heavy metal levels of CFS patients, in order to gather evidence of the link between mercury & CFS – or see the end of page 4 for my address].

HAIR ANALYSIS – Not useful for mercury, which has a very poor excretion rate into the hair - especially inorganic mercury, as from fillings (as opposed to organic mercury, as from fish). Hence false negatives are frequent. Also only shows recent levels (about 3 months).

BIO-RESONANCE testing (e.g. EAV, Vega) is a very useful alternative option to these laboratory limitations, though many modalities in use are less accurate than Field Control Therapy (see below), which registers even deep intracellular toxins, with the precise locations, and in exact order of clinical priority.



 The majority of dentists do not use the most basic IAOMT safety precautions for amalgam removals. It is important for your health to make use of the services of biological dentists, who use some or all of:

SEQUENTIAL REMOVAL - usually only one quadrant per appointment, and always according to a galvanometer’s electrical readings


An uncarpeted MERCURY-FREE ZONE with regular ventilation & special MERCURY AIR FILTERS, preferably near the patient

A RUBBER DAM or GAUZES in the mouth (Note: some swear by the rubber dam, others say it is counter-productive and use gauzes or, even  better, a new       

Swedish design of rubber dam which fits neatly over a single tooth, so there is hardly any leakage at all)

BIOCOMPATIBILITY TESTING to help choose the best new filling material (e.g. via bio-resonance, kinesiology, serum test or skin test)

OXYGEN MASK, or other alternative air supply supplied via a nosepiece, plus goggles, bibs, a hair-cap, etc., for the patient

Supplementation of CHARCOAL, SELENIUM, VITAMIN C (oral or I.V.) and others, plus nutritional and lifestyle preparatory advice

Not every biological dentist uses all of these measures, but these are the ideal, state-of-the-art precautions. The first four are absolutely essential, the others definitely preferable. Without them, your health can seriously deteriorate due to mercury released during the drilling. In addition, only the best biological dentists currently have the experience and equipment to identify and remove toxic root canals and related cavitations. Many patients feel they did not recover completely until this issue was addressed as well. See .

To locate dentists, see, and . These sites include U.S. biological dentists plus international IAOMT and similar associations that can be contacted for reliable local lists.

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