Volunteer Positions

Every volunteer contributes to our ability to reach out to those suffering the effects of CFS. You can help bring understanding about what has been a very misunderstood disease, touch the lives of hurting families and work toward the day we conqueror this disease. If you have an interest in volunteer work, here are some areas in which we need your help:


To operate, the WI ME/CFS Association must develop income from donations, memorials, corporate and foundation grants, and memberships. If you have experience in membership campaigns, community relations or other fundraising areas, this committee can use you.

Grant Researcher / Writer

Volunteers are needed to write letters and make phone calls to foundations and other charitable organizations to find out what kinds of grants are offered and the submission requirements.

Meeting Scheduler / Phone Caller

Volunteers are needed in the Milwaukee area to help with taking phone calls and with set up for patient and significant other support/education meetings once every 6 months.

Support Group Network Leader

Volunteers are needed to lead the Wisconsin support group network. This entails writing an informal progress letter to current leaders and contacts and sending out a few new articles on CFS that come from the Association collection. Expenses are reimbursed when receipts for postage and copying are provided to the Association. This mailing goes out every 6 months as the volunteer is able.

Office Assistant

Volunteers are needed in the Milwaukee area to go through our lists of health education departments at WI hospitals and clinics, make calls to find out the name of a contact person and see if the person would like CFS information and to be on our mailing list. This is a once a year project and can be done from your home.

Contact People

Volunteers are needed to be local contact people for their area in Wisconsin. The need is greatest in northern Wisconsin, Stevens Point North west and east.

Health Fair Volunteer

Sets up a table with brochures. Answers basic questions about CFS.

Please contact Pat Fero concerning the above volunteer positions.